Free PEER Facilitator Certification Webinar Training with

Registration Now Open for our Free Online Peer Facilitator Certification Course

We are offering our PEER (Peer Expressive-Art Healing Reflection) Facilitator Certification Course for Free in an approximate 2.5 hour Webinar Training. There is no obligation to run our program after you receive your certification, however, in order to remain an active Peer Facilitator on our roster, you must facilitate at least one program per year.

*** But before you do, please read the following information below to ensure you have a clear understanding of what is involved and also to ensure that you meet our criteria.


Who we are looking for

We are looking for women and men who are

  • Either those already working or volunteering within a local community organization, or individuals, who are driven to make a meaningful difference in their community by helping those who experience depression and mental health challenges
  • self-motivated to build their own participant groups and willing to achieve this using our tools and support, whether they want to do this for-profit, within an organization, or just as a small group in their community with participants who will help to pitch in to cover the cost of their participant workbooks
  • able to relate to others who have experienced depression no matter the cause and provide a safe and non-judgmental space where participants can progress through their healing at their own pace
  • creative but not ‘artists’ necessarily (the art, whatever format you choose, is only a tool that is used to express the weekly topic that is being discussed and we can support you with this if you need ideas)

This training and opportunity is not for those who are

  • currently in crisis
  • seeking an employment service
  • looking for guaranteed hours and a regular full time or part time job by an employer. We ask people with this goal to kindly seek more traditional methods by submitting their resume to agencies in their community for an interview.
    • (NOTE) As we continue to grow and network with various organizations in different communities, there may be times when they request that we contract in our Certified Peer Facilitators to guide the ARToverMind curriculum for their clients.  However, the Facilitators we will consider for those potential opportunities would be the ones who have demonstrated the most commitment to gaining experience by facilitating their own groups using our curriculum


Webinar content and what is required from you for successful completion

A commitment of 2.5 hours to listen to the webinar is required.  You may take notes if you choose and/or write any questions down you might have after the webinar is over that you can ask the Trainer before taking a separate quiz.  The quiz is a very brief multiple choice that is required to be taken within 7 days after completing the training.  The quiz is given so that we are confident that you have a good understanding of what has been taught.

80% is the minimum score required to pass the quiz and obtain your certification with us, however, we might be willing to work 1:1 with some individuals if they score lower than this, who demonstrate a serious desire to be certified and facilitate our groups.  Finally, you would be required to complete an online evaluation as well to provide us with feedback.  Once the quiz and evaluation form are completed, and an ‘Understanding of Agreement Form’ is reviewed and signed by you, you then become a Certified PEER Facilitator for our program.

The key areas we will be covering in this Webinar include

  1. A closer look at Mental Health and the benefits of Peer Mentoring
  2. How to link art to healing
  3. Your role as a PEER Facilitator and how to lead your groups effectively
  4. How to put your PEER Facilitator knowledge into action with practical examples
  5. Overview of the PEER curriculum and how to use it.
  6. Advice on how to build and promote your groups
  7. General review and tips to your success in becoming a Peer Facilitator for us


What comes next? How do you set out to achieve your objective as a PEER Facilitator with

In terms of building your own groups, that is really up to you as we are looking for those who are self-motivated in nature.  Whether you are looking to build your groups for profit, bring the groups into an already existing non-profit agency, church, educational institution (etc), or to simply gather a small group of individuals from your community who show an interest in gathering together for 8 weeks and doing this program–and are willing to pay for their part to cover the curriculum cost and materials– is up to you. We can support you with promoting our program by giving you feedback based on your needs at the time.  The beauty about our program is that it is not specific to one group.   The program is very flexible as depression does not discriminate, so the program can be catered and aligned to almost any group if there is a need for support.

In addition, our PEER Facilitators receive credit for every program they run in order to achieve seniority after completing a ‘Facilitator Feedback Report’ and submitting participant program evaluation forms to us.  Seniority not only gives you something to personally aim for as you build your skills and experience, but also gives you an edge if various organizations in your community are seeking to contract in a paid Peer Facilitator from us for their clients.

We will track seniority by the following milestones

  • 0-5 completed programs (Level: Junior PEER Facilitator)
  • 6-10 completed programs (Level: Intermediate PEER Facilitator)
  • 11-15 completed programs (Level: Advance Intermediate PEER Facilitator)
  • 16+ completed programs (Level: Senior PEER Facilitator)

*Facilitators must complete a minimum of one program per year (minimum 4 participants) in order to remain on our active roster list. 


Cost of Participant Workbooks

We supply mandatory participant workbooks for your groups in packages of 4 books, 10 books, 20 books and 30 books.  Anything beyond that would be a special order.   The approximate cost is $10.50 (USD) per participant workbook, which includes the participant’s program evaluation form and participant certificate.  There is a $7 flat rate shipping and handling fee, plus applicable sales tax.

For example, if you had a group of 10 participants, the fee would be $105 (USD) + shipping/handling and applicable tax.  If this was your own small group, then you would need to get your clients to chip in say $15-$20 for the full 8 weeks if you were doing this non-profit (which is very reasonable for an 8-week program, and some of that money would also go to art materials if that’s what you wanted to do, or to make things cheaper, you could do an all writing program, it’s totally up to you and we can help you with creative ideas).

*It is recommended that Peer Facilitators do not lead more than 15 participants on their own at one time and buddy up with another Facilitator in their area for larger groups.