Peer Facilitator Certification Webinar


“This program reveals to its facilitators the human mind, yet it does so gently without judgment. The training opens the door wide to access understanding that we as facilitators can then pass along to our peer groups, reconnecting the spirit and the mind.  I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who has had their interest peaked by to say YES to the training: it is a positive door to open for yourself; and if you share what you learn with others, that’s the cherry on top.” -Stacey-Anne Curtis (PEER Facilitator), Ontario, Canada

Join our Growing List of PEER Facilitators

At ARToverMind our first passion lies in equipping individuals who have personal mental health experiences, with the knowledge, tools and support they need to run their own expressive-art healing programs in order to build their self-confidence, create healing spaces for themselves and others, and possibly make income using an entrepreneurial model.   We offer our 2-hour webinar certification training once a year.

The cost of the training is $150 CAD. (Not including the cost of your clients’ Participant Workbooks) 

Our next training date is:  TBA (Please contact Shevy Marie at to inquire.  Also, check out our FAQs page if you have additional questions).

What Do I Get for Registering for the Webinar Training?

  • The 2 hour webinar certification training (including 15 minute LIVE Q&A with Shevy Marie, Founder & PEER Coach )
  • PEER Facilitator Certificate *
  • PEER Curriculum Facilitator Guide *
  • Ongoing support and advice from the PEER Coach to ensure your success **
  • Potential opportunities to be contracted by the PEER Coach and earn additional income ***

The key topics we will be covering in the Webinar include

  1. A closer look at Mental Health and the benefits of Peer Mentoring
  2. How to link art to healing
  3. Your role as a PEER Facilitator and how to lead your groups effectively
  4. How to put your PEER Facilitator knowledge into action with practical examples
  5. Overview of the PEER curriculum and how to use it.
  6. Advice on how to build and promote your groups
  7. General review and tips to your success in becoming a Peer Facilitator for ARToverMind

Why Register?

  • So you can get the head start you need to create your own business or non-profit cause (full time/part time/casual, doesn’t matter).  We provide the training, curriculum, evaluations, administration and support so you don’t have to.
  • To do something meaningful in your community by helping others while continuing to heal and empower yourself.
  • To build your leadership and facilitation skills and experience — great to have on a resume!
  • To get to do art while you work … how fun is that? You don’t have to be a trained artist either since our focus is on the Process vs. the Product.
* Upon successful completion of the ‘PEER Facilitator Understanding of Agreement Form.’  Certificate expires in a year if the facilitator does not complete the minimum of one program.  Exceptions may apply.
** Additional fees may apply dependent on the time and workload involved in the facilitator’s request.  However, ongoing questions and answers between the facilitator and coach are encouraged.
*** Potential contract opportunities are based on seniority level (i.e. experience gained from number of programs run)


I think I have what it takes to become a PEER Facilitator, but please send me more information. 

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