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IMG_0002“Art and creativity are the soul’s medicines– what the soul uses to minister to itself, cure its maladies, and restore its vitality.” –Unknown

If you are an organization that currently offers an expressive-art (EA) healing program to your clients we can take your staff to the next level in our 1-Day Workshop!

Did you know…

94% of our participants, in a similar EA model that we ran throughout 3 years, reported that our program met their needs quite well to exceptionally well?  Many of these participants also went on to incorporate art as a form of personal coping and empowerment long after our program was over.  We want your program to achieve the same and even better results!

So What Does My Staff Learn in the 1-Day Workshop?

  1. Overview of various forms of Depression & Anxiety to gain increased knowledge on what your clients may be experiencing.
  2. An understanding of how expressive art based approaches are utilized in supporting healing processes and how to effectively link art activities to session topics.
  3. Familiarity with competencies and characteristics of effective peer facilitators.
  4. Increased self-awareness of own strengths and assets as peer facilitators and identify areas needing further development.
  5. Increased ability to manage challenges which may arise during the group process.
  6. A fun team building experience where staff have the opportunity to do the art themselves!

For further information contact artovermind (at) artovermind . (com)

or phone 416-574-0005. 

  • Free phone appointments for specific inquiries about training.  Please note that if you want the Trainer to meet with you onsite to discuss there is a $40 consultation fee + the cost of mileage.  REFERENCE AVAILABLE.
  • General EA Consultation services are also available upon request 
  • ASIST Suicide Intervention Staff Training available.  Please contact to inquire.