Awakened-Souls“I have always had the soul of a poet and the mind of an entrepreneur–entwined in a yarn of growing jitters. This last decade has been a well of exploration in the spiritual, psychological, and artistic realms, with the real-life difficulties of my story caught like flies in a web of discovery. Through the process of training to becoming an ArtoverMind.com PEER Facilitator, I gained something beyond inspiration: the merging of art and know-how, with a sound psychological basis. Through the life work that Shevy has done to create, design, and share this program, I have already gained an understanding from the training alone, and look forward to the illuminations that facilitating will bring. Furthermore, I revealed my internal learning process about my fears to Shevy, discovered in part through taking the training.  Through her encouragement and support, I said YES to my courage, which increased my sense of self worth and personal connection.

This program reveals to its facilitators the human mind, yet it does so gently without judgment. The training opens the door wide to access understanding that we as facilitators can then pass along to our peer groups, reconnecting the spirit and the mind. I have craved this unity for a long time, most especially so that I could help others find it, as well. I look forward to facilitating for my peers for a healthier, self-accepting population; so that we are all part of the progressive, compassionate world. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who has had their interest peaked by ArtoverMind to say YES to the training: it is a positive door to open for yourself; and if you share what you learn with others, that’s the cherry on top.”

  • Stacey-Anne Curtis (PEER Facilitator), Ontario, Canada




“Being a PEER Facilitator with ARToverMind.com allows me to reach people who might be facing some of the struggles that I know so well; from troubled relationships, to feeling isolated and being separated from loved ones, to struggles with stress related to single parenting and even immigration problems. I have faced some staggering challenges in all of these areas, and many of them I faced alone. As a result, I experienced feelings of self doubt and fear. I worried about my own mental health, both as an individual and as a parent. As an artist I used sketching and painting as a way of releasing some of these stressful emotions and in the process, I decorated my home using my own artwork which was a great reminder of how far I had come.

Being a PEER facilitator now, gives me hope for my future as a mentally healthy individual who can influence people to empower themselves this way as well. I can identify with so many members of my community whom also deal with similar difficulties and I’m hoping to not only share my experiences to support the healing of others but also further my own healing through a leadership opportunity like this. Relating expressive art activities to important topics of mental wellness allows me to pour much of my own past experience into my work as a PEER Facilitator.  ArtOverMind.com has given me the platform that I need to provide people, whom I can relate to, with a universal feeling of positive understanding and creativity. Every member of a community is valuable and every story is worth sharing for the sake of helping others. We PEER facilitators can be keystones to positive relationship building in our communities and I encourage everyone interested to embark on this journey with us as we use art to heal ourselves and others.”

– Carrie Campbell (Peer Facilitator), Ontario, Canada