How I’m Approaching Mental Health

November 10th, 2017


A few days ago I was planning to share my experience with a recent panic attack I had when public speaking.  Of course, before the actual presentation in front of my boss, I was focusing on my anxiety, and fretting about having a panic attack.   No surprise that it actually happened.  The post was intended to let you know that I can relate to feelings of panic and anxiety.   I deleted the post, and here’s why.

For the past several month I have been doing continuous mediation, mainly with the focus on reducing my stress and anxiety which usually triggers other challenges.  While this meditation has been helpful to an extent, I’ve now realized that the focus was always on the perceived ‘problem.’  A few nights ago, while my household was sleeping, and I was up yet again at 3AM searching for meditation and hypnosis tracks, I came across some of them having to do with the law of attraction.  Now,  the law of attraction was nothing that new to me, I’ve read books like ‘The Secret’ and it seemed really neat, however, I was just looking at it from the viewpoint of things that might be ‘nice to have.’

I seemed to forget the part about attracting negative circumstances too if I continued to focus on my ‘problems’ even if I was only trying to recover from them.  A switch went on.  All of a sudden a weight was taken off of me.  I didn’t have to focus anymore on any struggles with mental health, depression, anxiety, panic …. I was spending too much time focusing on how I had to stop them from happening, instead of focusing on what I really wanted: inner peace.

From that moment onward, my meditations became about that which I wanted, peace and connection with myself and others.  I cannot begin to describe to you how that small shift in focus has made a tremendous difference.  Instead of being fixated on how to conquer depression, anxiety and so forth, I rest in the belief that by simply shifting my thinking to what I really want will naturally bring about these things.   It’s similar to the Cognitive Triangle …


… but goes beyond that.  Our thoughts do affect our feelings and behavior, but all of this combined affects our entire reality.  I’ll stop there for now, because I don’t want to get too cosmic on you, but in terms of ARToverMind, particularly if you are one of our PEER Facilitators, I really want you to get to a mindset of ‘I CAN’ and believe it.  I’ve started to make a daily practice of writing down affirmations to not only help me to believe them, but also to help me CREATE them.  We create our realities, thus, ART over Mind.

I encourage you to start writing down your own affirmations, and work on believing them, I mean, really believing them.   If you are a PEER Facilitator, I especially encourage you to start writing down, or verbalizing statements such as

“I am a successful PEER Facilitator who runs ARToverMind programs in my community consistently.”

“My participants are inspired by me, and feel connected with me.”

“I am a leader who helps others to empower themselves.”

“I am empowered and powerful.”

“I can achieve anything I put my mind and heart to.”

If you want to take it a step further,  perhaps try some guided meditation yourself.  I find guided meditation works particularly for beginners because you have a voice to focus on.  The meditation of Kelly Howell has been a great inspiration to me most recently.  You can listen to one of her meditations by clicking on this link.

More to come …

-Shevy Marie



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