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“I have always had the soul of a poet and the mind of an entrepreneur.  Through the process of training to becoming an ArtoverMind.com PEER Facilitator, I gained something beyond inspiration: the merging of art and know-how, with a sound psychological basis.  I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who has had their interest peaked by ArtoverMind to say YES to the training.  It is a positive door to open for yourself; and if you share what you learn with others, that’s the cherry on top.” 

Stacey-Anne Curtis (PEER Facilitator), Ontario, Canada


Welcome to ARToverMind.com  

We are a service that provides Peer Facilitator Trainings, and Participant Group Curriculums that incorporate expressive art healing methods, to  support and teach you on how to lead your own community peer groups. 

Our Peer Facilitator Trainings and Participant Support Groups are for anyone 18 years or older who identify as an individual that has experienced Depression, PTSD and/or Anxiety, and who is open to using art as a way to heal and thrive emotionally, socially, spiritually and possibly economically.

About Our Online Peer Facilitator Certification Webinar

We offer our Peer Expressive-Art Healing Reflection (PEER) Facilitator Online Certification Webinar throughout the year.  In order to remain an active Peer Facilitator on our roster, you must facilitate at least one program per year.

Who we are looking for

  • Either those already working or volunteering within a local community organization/group, or individuals who are driven to make a meaningful difference in their community by helping those who experience depression and mental health challenges
  • Self-motivated people who are driven to build their own ARToverMind.com participant groups, whether they want to do this for-profit in their community, or non-profit with the support of an organization or group
  • Those who are 18 years or older and able to relate to others who have experienced depression, while providing a safe and non-judgmental space where participants can progress through their healing at their own pace
  • Creative individuals who are not necessarily trained artists as the focus of our program is on Process vs. Product


Become a P.E.E.R. Facilitator

Overcome Depression by becoming a P.E.E.R. Facilitator with ARToverMind.com

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